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About Ubergreen Spaces + Homes

Our focus is on high-performance, zero-energy, healthy, and resilient commercial and residential spaces, and helping clients and the teams we work with achieve their high-performance goals. For over 15 years we have been collaborating with clients and architects in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Texas. We service our clients with industry best practices in building science methods, a breadth of knowledge in third-party green programs, and modern project management tools.


Whether it's our Certified Passive House Consulting Services, our Prefabricated Passive House Wall Panels, Insulated Concrete Forms, or our Healthy Building Solutions, our building and design services are performance based and can be achieved from ground up or rehab. We rethink what living and workspaces should be. 

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Our Process

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We meet you and your team where you are to achieve your high-performance goals, and can work in any capacity wether it's for our Certified Passive House consulting and WUFI design services, Prefabricated Passive House Wall Panels, Insulated Concrete Forms, or our healthy building services, our industry best practices include optimal design and build specific to your climate zone to minimize energy needs,  maximize comfort and durability with the latest knowledge in building science. 

1. Initial Project Review 

Each project is unique with unique needs and goals. To get started, fill out our comprehensive online form providing your contact information and project address and as much detailed information about your project as possible, describing what phase of the project you are in, what your goals are, timetable, budget, and upload any current plans and drawings.


Once we receive your information about your project, one of our team members will connect with you to set up an initial meeting to review your project 

2. Proposal 

After an initial project review, our team will discuss your project and come up with solutions tailored for your specific goals. A proposal will be sent to you via our project management system. 

3. Contracted Services 

Depending on what services you choose, we enter a contract agreement to meet each of your goals. This is where our collaboration begins, exceptional spaces are born out of effective and transparent conversation and collaboration.  



4. Work Begins

Depending on the contracted services that are agreed upon, wether that be Certified Passive House Consulting and WUFI Design services, Prefabricated Passive House Wall Panels, Insulated Concrete Forms, or our healthy building solutions, we collaborate, schedule, budget, document, and correspond using our project management system that our clients have access to. Together, we ensure we are all on the same page throughout the process and communication is effective.

Interested in zero-energy, healthy, durable spaces? Click the button to fill out our contact form!

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