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Certified Passive House Consulting Services  +
Prefabricated Passive House Wall Panels

Integration from design to execution through Certified Passive House Consulting Services and Products

Easily capture Inflation Reduction Act credits and rebates: 

  • 45L $2,000/unit in multi-family

  • 179d $1.00-5.00/SF for buildings

*for buildings reducing energy usage by 50%

  • Create preliminary proposed enclosure assemblies and building components based on building science. Phius protocols and Climate Zone specific requirements for Schematic Design.

  • Energy Modeling with WUFI Passive to optimize the building enclosure and passive design strategies with material specifications and construction means and methods through Construction Documents. 

  • Recommendations on renewable energy systems to achieve net-zero/positive energy.

  • Project specific Offsite Prefabricated High Performance Wall Panels.

  • General Contractor and building trades support, education and onsite training. 

Interested in our High Performance Building Services? Click the button to fill out our form, and one of our team members will contact you!

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